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About Us

E.C. Peay founded Allen Camper Mfg Co. in 1958 by accident. E.C. became dissatisfied with the models on the market at that time and decided to build his own. Before he got it finished, somebody bought it from him. He sold four before he could get one built one for himself. The sales of recreational vehicles continued to grow to become the family business with sons Jerry Peay as the General Manager and Tom Peay as Vice President. Business has grown over the years and so has the family involvement. Tom is now the President, David Peay - Vice President, Doug Peay - Secretary-Treasure and General Manager. These family members offer over 120 years of experience in RV sales and service.


Due to the dedication of family and long term employees, Allen Camper continues to build a very dependable RV.


We do not sell to the public, please see our list of dealers. Thank you for visiting our website.



29981 State Highway 1 East

Allen, OK 74825



Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Sat & Sun: Closed

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